6 Tips On How To Prepare A Country House For Winter

Old wooden house in the snow. Traditional typical house or villa in the countryside in winter.

Our lifestyle naturally changes with seasons, consequently our preparation. As the colder weather is approaching, we get our blankets, and we are looking forward to a warm and relaxed night. From simple repairs inside and outside the house to tasks that require professional service, if done on time, all these will make wintertime more enjoyable and practical. To make your country house comfortable and pleasant even during cold windy nights, you should read these six tips.

Prepare firewood

You should prepare it six months in advance, thus, it should be ready by the start of autumn. Firewood needs to be cut and stacked on time, and that is why you should find the best electric log splitters in order to have your firewood nicely prepared for usage. This is very important if a country house is in a humid area, and that time of preparation should be planned even one year ahead of time. The drying of wood is critical for heating and keeping the fire going. If the seasoned firewood is not dry enough, it will release less heat, it will not burn very fast, and will produce more smoke and soot.

Prepare log store

If you are using a wood stove or open flame, it is important to protect the seasoned wood from winter weather. Now invest in a special log store or use the palette to build your own log store. The best ones are a bit higher than the ground and have a sturdy overhanging roof (to protect the wood from the rain), but also an open front or sides to allow adequate ventilation. A log store also provides an area where you protect your log for the winters in the future.

Clean the chimney

This task is best done before winter- and of course, with it, the heating system starts. Sweep improves the efficiency of the chimney by ensuring that potential obstacles such as nests and soot are removed before using an open flame or wood stove.

This task usually takes a professional chimney sweeper between 30 minutes and an hour.  However, the cleaning can show the problems that your chimney has. For instance, cracks are a sign that your chimney needs special attention and repair.

Clean the gutters

An important task in preparing your country house for the winter is to check for leaves, moss, and other debris, and clean gutters to avoid clogging with heavy rain and snow. Very old country houses and shaded roofs are very sensitive, especially if they are close to woods and trees. Some cleaning products can make this an easy task. Precautionary measures such as pipe safety devices are also good ways to keep rainwater going through during the winter.

If your gutters are missing, cracked, or damaged, you must replace them as quickly as possible. If you do not do that on time, it can lead to dampness, and that is why it should be done in advance. It will be cheaper than waiting to pay more money for the bigger gutters’ damage.

clean dishes in the kitchen. Beautiful light from the window blind. stripes

Window blinds

Sheer curtains are for high temperatures and great for hot summer weather as they are good for refreshing the room, but they are not that good at controlling cold. If your windows are lacking window blinds, consider investing in them.

When properly measured and installed, the blinds insulate your home by trapping a layer of air between the blind fabric and the windows. This effectively seals the window and prevents air from leaking through the window. For best results, raise the blinds during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home. In the evening, you can lower the blinds as soon as the sun goes down. When the blinds are closed, natural light and warm air from the mechanical heaters do not escape from the house.

Check the lights

We all need outdoor lights, especially during winter days as the days are shorter. They illuminate the garden’s paths and entrance, and moreover, they have some special attractive features that will make your country home look even prettier and more comfortable. Thus, they should be cleaned and free of any debris, and it is a very easy but useful task for you.

Shut off the power unit first, and then give it a good clean. Of course, check if the bulbs work and if they do not, change them with the new ones, or you can use an LED bulb.

Winter days are made for cozy and relaxed nights with your family and friends in some beautiful country house covered in snow and illuminated with some outdoor bulbs. Thus, you should check and prepare everything in advance for you to enjoy the cold, windy winters without troubles and problems.

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