3 Tricks For More Effective Decluttering

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For most people, it’s very common for their home to eventually get to a point where decluttering becomes a necessity. However, taking on this overwhelming task can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not great at decluttering or you’re trying to help someone else declutter their home. Luckily, there are things you can do to help make this project easier.

If you’re going to be tackling some decluttering soon, be it in your own home or as you help someone like an elderly loved one move into an assisted living facility, here are three tricks to help you have more effective decluttering.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions About Every Item

If you try to go through decluttering without really thinking about what you’re doing, you’re very unlikely to actually get rid of anything. To most effectively declutter, you have to really think about what each item in your home is and how it fits into your life.

To do this, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions about everything that you come across. Consider if the item you’re wanting to keep is the best or your favorite of that item. If it is, feel free to keep it. If it’s not, think seriously about getting rid of it. You can also ask yourself questions about items being useful to you, necessary to someone in your household, or if you just find that item particularly beautiful. Try not to hold onto something just for the sake of having it.

Wait To Organize Until After Decluttering

While it might be tempting to start organizing while you’re decluttering, it’s going to be best if you wait to organize until after you’ve decluttered a certain area.

For many people, decluttering can be a very draining experience. And if you spend some of your energy trying to organize along the way, you might not make it through the amount of decluttering that you need to do. Additionally, you should wait to purchase any kind of organization supplies until after you’ve gotten rid of everything you’re no longer keeping. This way, you’ll know how many things you actually have to organize.

Make Decluttering A Daily Habit

Once you’ve gotten your space decluttered to the point that you’re comfortable with, you should then seek to make daily decluttering a habit of yours. Instead of allowing things to pile up, make a commitment to do some daily decluttering so that you never get to the point of having to spend a day or two focused solely on decluttering again.

To accomplish this, try to put new items exactly where they need to be when they get into your house. And if you don’t have a place for it now, don’t bring it in.

If you’re wanting to get better at decluttering your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do this.

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