How To Choose The Right TV Lift System

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Television systems have come a long way from being confined to the living room and the bedroom. With the advent of new technologies, motorized TV lifts make the TV appear from above the ceiling or below a cabinet.

This has enabled TV sets to be installed in rooms or spaces where it was previously thought to be unachievable. Now, you can watch TV from your kitchen, entertainment centers, and even in outdoor spaces!

Before going into how to choose the right TV lift system for your home, let’s find out what a TV lift is!

What is a TV Lift?

A TV lift is a motorized system that runs on electricity and moves the TV in a vertical or a horizontal position. It can be placed on the ceiling where it “drops down” or it can be hidden inside a cabinet where it “pops up” with the press of a button.

Advantages of Using a TV Lift

  • Maximizes your space: Smart TVs take up a lot of space, so when not in use, you can simply put them back inside the cabinet, or up the wall, keeping your area decluttered.
  • Keeps your TV safe from dust and children: There is a high probability that your TV might get damaged by children playing in the house, especially when there is a party going on. So, to avoid potential damage and breakage of your device, it’s a good idea to have it hidden away.
  • Ensures theft protection: TV lifts enable your TV to be hidden out of sight. Hence, if the thieves can’t find it, they can’t take it!
  • Looks appealing: With your TV out of the way, you can make your entire living area look more appealing and less cluttered.

TV lift mechanisms were used as a luxury product back in the day, but nowadays, due to huge demand, and being more available and affordable, they are installed in a lot of modern homes.

How to Choose the Perfect TV Lift

Let’s take a look at the factors that need to be considered when choosing the right motorized TV lift for your living space.

1. The Type of TV Lift System

The first thing you need to decide is the type of TV lift you want. There are basically two types: pop-up and drop-down.

●     Pop-up TV Lift: This system is designed to move the TV upwards when not in use and then retract back down slowly, and vice versa. They can be mounted in two ways – floor or rear.

Floor-mounted system means that the TV lift is attached at the bottom to some form of perpendicular support. Rear-mounted means you can attach the system’s rear end to the back of a cabinet, a wall, or any parallel support.

●     Drop-down TV Lift: As the name suggests, the drop-down TV lift system is designed to drop a TV out from a ceiling or below a cabinet. You can easily move the TV up or down to get a perfect viewing angle by controlling the machine with a remote.

Apart from these two, there are other types of TV lift mechanisms available too. For instance, if you have the space you can create a track where you can slide the TV from one room to the other.

Another system is where you can hide your TV inside a wall behind a big picture frame. When not in use, it can simply go back inside the wall with artwork or picture frame taking its place.

2. Weight and Size of the TV

Your TV lift system depends on the weight and the size of your TV. Therefore, when looking for a TV lift mechanism, you need to factor in the weight of your TV so when you attach it to the system, there will be no chance of the TV getting jammed or falling down (if it’s hung from the ceiling).

3. Placement

The location of the TV is an important consideration. Address these questions when making a decision:

  • First, decide which room you want the TV in.
  • Next, where do you want to attach it: the wall, cabinet, or ceiling.
  • Decide on the type of lift system you want to install.

You can also choose furniture that is compatible with installing a TV inside. For instance, a TV cabinet has all the features for you to install a TV lift system and it can be easily placed at the foot of your bed if that’s where you want it to be.

4. Space

The main reason for using TV lifts is to create more space in your home. If you attach your TV to the ceiling, it’ll simply disappear and mesh back up. If it’s in a cabinet, you can just close off the lid and use that space to decorate as you like.

You can also create entertainment areas and install TV and lift systems outdoors or on rooftop terraces. What a great way to enjoy watching a movie or a game with your family or friends while getting some fresh air too!

5. Quality of the TV Lift System

One key feature to automating your home is to have the system run smoothly and without noise. So when you install a TV lift system, ensure a good quality mechanism that allows you to not only automate your living space but also fits in with your home environment.

In a Nutshell

TV lift mechanisms are slowly becoming popular in modern homes as they are more available and affordable. You can choose from the two types of TV lifting systems: drop-down or pop-up.

Before jumping to the purchase decision, make sure you know how to choose the right TV lift system. Consider the factors mentioned above so you do not have to face any surprises while installing or using it.

Implementing the system will create more space and also help in adjusting viewing angles for people who are comfortable watching TV at a certain height.

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