Keeping Up With the Latest Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

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Design trends change regularly which can make it hard to keep up with the latest styles. In fact, because they can change every year it’s a good idea to be aware of the latest styles but only adopt them if you truly like them. Most people don’t want to be redesigning their homes every year and need pieces to last. It makes sense to choose the design trends that you like and will enjoy for several years.

The 90s are definitely making a comeback and that means understanding what rugs they have to offer, allowing you to decide whether you want them or not.

Bold Colours

One of the predominant themes from the 1990s is color. You need to take risks and choose bold, bright colors that you wouldn’t usually opt for. In fact, you should mix colors up to embrace this vibrant period of history.

For example, classic peach-rugs from Miss Amara are the perfect complement to neon lights and bright walls, creating balance while adopting the latest design trends. Don’t forget the rug ties the room together, it needs to be relatively neutral if the walls are bold and bold if the walls are neutral.

A lighter rug also lends to the transparency of the 90s and it can be reused in a variety of other designs, making it a solid investment.

Make It Natural

Another important element of any rug you choose is that it utilizes natural materials where possible. This can mean going for a wooden or bamboo rug. It can also mean considering what materials have been used to create the rug and ensuring they are sustainable and natural.


Textures, or layers, were also very popular in the 1990s. This reinforces your decision to get rugs as these add texture and layers to any room. The texture of your rug can make a difference but simply having the rug can be enough to recreate the 90s design trend.


The 90s were full of geometrically shaped furniture and rugs, you can replicate this trend today with geometric rugs. This can be a reference to the shape of the rug, but it is generally easier to find a rug with a geometric pattern on it.

Funky Patterns

If you prefer to steer clear of geometric patterns then go with funky patterns, almost touching on the psychedelic images of the 60s. These will enliven any space and help you to feel energized. At the same time, they are fun and generally a positive talking point. That’s a real benefit if you love entertaining.

Multiple Rugs

Another feature of the 90s is the need for multiple rugs. This trend leans towards the desire for textures and for creating bold scenes as multiple rugs can conflict with each other or harmonize.

That is perhaps the best trait of the 1990s design style, almost anything went which means you can create your own personal style and it will still look fantastic.

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