Yukawa Design Lab

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Margin House: A House with Abundant and Open Circulating Margins

With a wooden structure and awesome design, Margin House can encourage a response to the environment on its site. This house is designed by Yukawa Design Lab with abundant and open circulating margins not only for the house interior but also for the house environment. This project is located in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Katsura House: A Family House with Wooden Roofs and Connected Spaces

Designed by Yukawa Design Lab, Katsura House is a family house located in Kyoto. A lot of connected spaces are created inside this house so the families can connect with each other comfortably. With two floors and wooden roofs, a large and affluent living environment can be realized to envelop the family.

Newtown House: A New Relationship of Houses, People, Newtown, and Landscapes

This project is an open house where parents and their children can connect while enjoying the awesome views around the house. Located in Japan, Newtown House is designed by Yukawa Design Lab for the clients who want to have a house with awesome views and good communication with the surrounding people. A new relationship of houses, people, newtown, and landscapes can be created through this project.