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Sunflower House: A Fully Exposed House as A Big Sollar Collector with Strong Relationship to the Open Sea

This project relies on its geometry, especially for its struggle and strength. All the materials for this project are typical of the area, including the structure and the outdoor finishes of the walls. Due to the need in responding to the requirements, only the glazing incorporates thicknesses and technologies more typical of skyscrapers than for a project of single houses.

Font 6 Apartment: Colorful Remodel of A Compact Apartment with Modern Eclectic Interior

The modern eclectic interior in Font 6 Apartment is quirky. Designed by a Barcelona architect, the signature style of his studio is used to remodel this apartment. The co-founder of CaSa, Andrea Serboli, purchased the apartment steps to make it his living place. With a choppy layout that can partition the compact shape, 800 square foot of the total area is transformed by Margherita Serboli Arquitectura and CaSa.