Besix Dordrecht Offices 9

Besix Dordrecht Offices: A New Construction of Head Office with A Rugged and Distinctive Construction

Besides the gas-free, this office also offers a lot of features to conserve and even generate energy. It is a true ‘smart building’ with sensors that monitor the light, air, and temperature in the building constantly. Energy storage, heat pumps, and solar panels are managed to the supply and demand on the electricity grid and weather forecasts by linking the sensor data. While the management and maintenance of the building are also linked to the smart systems too.

Koedood Diesel Service In Hendrik Ido Ambacht 7

Koedood Diesel Service: A New Modern Accommodation for the Koedood Family Firm with ‘Display Window’

Besides the curved glass, the steel, and the Trimo cladding, plenty of greenery is also added into the interior to create a pleasant environment of working. On the ceiling of the engine sales area, the Dejo grilles merge seamlessly under the overhangs. There are also seamless transitions from one to the next with the assiduous attention to the technical details.