Sjórinn 11

Sjórinn: A Modern House with Contrast Concept and Awesome Details

The complete name for this project is Sjórinn, Design on the Other Side of the Sea. Designed by NestSpace Design, this modern house is located in Taipei, Taiwan with 97.5 sqm in size. This house is already surrounded by lush greenness outside that become the most charming makeup. It is a natural imprint that continued by the architect for this project with the use of the concept of contrast and awesome details.

Palette In Wonderland 10

Palette in Wonderland: A Fun Paradise with Colorful Interiors and A Lively Palette

This beautiful house is located in Taipei, Taiwan, with 93 sqm in size. Palette in Wonderland is a house project by NestSpace Design for a sloppy girl who loves to travel. There is always a girl hiding in all hearts of the women that fascinated by the novel world. It becomes the main inspiration for the designer to complete this project by creating colorful interiors and adding a lively palette for a wonderful life.

Ne On Apartment 8

Ne_On Apartment: Composition of Geometric Graphics and the Low-Key, Misty Colour Palette

Located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Ne_On Apartment is an apartment renovation project by NestSpace Design. Completed in 2019, the element of the low-key, misty color palette is used to the apartment interior. A flowy rhythm of space is developed with the composition of geometric graphics under the practice of minimalism. The goal of this project is to cultivate closer interactions by opening the dialogue about an ideal way of living.

Urban Oasis 1

Urban Oasis: A 15-Year-Old House with “Urban Oasis” Concept and Lively Spaces

It is a project of a 15-year-old house called Urban Oasis located in Taipei, Taiwan for a newly-married couple. With 97.5 sqm in size, NestSpace Design re-irrigates this house with the concept of “urban oasis”. Sunlight and green leaves are also introduced in every space of the house to create lively spaces. With the surrounding environmental advantages, this house also has a connection to its nature around the site.


TO : DAY: A Beautiful Soft and Gentle Residence with Beautiful, Modern Interiors for Really Ideal Daily Life

“TO: DAY” is the name of the residential project by NestSpace Design with 85 sqm in size. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the design of this soft and gentle residence can symbolize the beginning of every day with “every day is a new day, and every day, we will describe the appearance of life in space” as the main concept. It has beautiful, modern interiors designed for a really ideal daily life.

No 116 Shiguang Apartment 6

No.116 Shiguang Apartment: A Childhood House with Gentle Sunlight and Warm Interiors

This 105 sqm-apartment is a childhood house where Mr. Yu lived when he was a child located in Taipei, Taiwan that has a lot of memories with grandparents and family. Now he is a man with a family that needs a comfortable place for living. NestSpace Design turns No.116 Shiguang Apartment into a perfect family house surrounded by gentle sunlight with warm interiors inside.