La Errería

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FM House: A House Renovation with Three Flexible Floors and Luxury Interiors

Luis Navarro Jover and Carlos Sánchez García from La Errería Architecture Office renovate this house to be a comfortable home for a young family. FM House is located in Alicante, Spain with 342.43 sqm in size with three flexible and open floors. A bit of luxury design is added to the house interiors by combining some materials and colors.

2L Attic: A Modern Penthouse with A Pleasant, Special Space and Valuable Details

The main goal of this 2016 project is to recreate a pleasant, special space through a modern penthouse. 2L Attic is a comfortable penthouse designed by La Errería and it is located in Spain. With 61 m² in size, this project is not only recreating a special space but also a versatile and flexible space. Every detail is also emphasized to value the environment’s virtues surroundings.