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S House in Chiba: A Detached House with A Simple Volume and Stairwell as the Main Pivot

It is a 2015 residential project of a detached house by Florian Busch Architects. S House in Chiba sits at the end of a town behind Tokyo’s suburbs with 188 m² in size. It has a simple volume and also a stairwell behind the entrance door of the house that becomes the house’s main pivot. This project is started in 2011 with the use of timber for its structure.

House that Opens Up to Its Inside: A Case Study for Affordable Small-Size Houses

Completed by Florian Busch Architects in 2012, House that Opens Up to Its Inside is a case study for affordable small-size houses in the densely built low-rise suburbs of Tokyo. Any plot affordable for the average family is far from big with land prices high. A detached house remains the perennial dream even in the density of these developments.