Estudio Abramzon

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El Salvador 2: A Living Place with An Open System and Two Volumes

Located in Palermo neighborhood, El Salvador 2 is a 2019 residential project designed by Estudio Abramzon. The building has two volumes of housing which are implemented, supported on the back and the front of the lot. An open system is also used in this project to generate a central void, capturing more natural light easily.

Acuña: Awesome Apartment Building with Light-Filled, Thoughtfully Designed Homes

It is an awesome apartment building designed around a central open courtyard by Estudio Abramzon. Located in Buenos Aires, Acuña provides residents with light-filled, thoughtfully designed homes. Completed in 2018, this building offers 18 apartments distributed across four-storey volumes. These apartments are linked by the sculptural open-air circulation core.