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7 Best Attic Renovation Ideas

In order to expand the living space in your home, renovating your attic will be a great solution. An attic can be transformed into a useful space based on your need, such as a study room, a home office, or an entertaining room. By renovating your attic, your house design and resale value will be increased too. Here are some best attic renovation ideas with a lot of inspirations for you.

7 Stylish Loft Interior Design Ideas

In interior design, a loft is a modern urban style’s name. It is characterized by a lot of industrial elements and a spacious space. Loft ideas interior design usually comes with exposed beams, high ceilings, and raw materials. In a loft, you can create a home library, a comfortable sitting area, a home office, or a study area. If you need more inspirations to design the interior of your own loft, here are some stylish loft ideas interior design for you.

11 Incredible Modern Beach Houses

A modern beach house is a perfect type of house for those who want to enjoy a long holiday and the stunning views of the beach. This house usually comes with open wide spaces and a lot of windows or glazed walls to let the residents easy to see the stunning surrounding landscape from inside the house. If you want to have your own beach house, these incredible modern beach houses below can be your main inspirations to start.

9 Awesome Small Bedroom Ideas

Arranging a small bedroom may need a little trick, especially to maximize the use of its space. For your small bedroom, you can keep its layout as simple as possible. Bring in a lot of lights with lighter themes also can be the best option. As long as your small bedroom has the right design, its small size will not be an obstacle anymore. Here are some awesome small bedroom ideas for you with a lot of inspirations available to be chosen.

7 Mesmerizing Fireplace Decorating Ideas

In order to bring a more stylish look into your house, your fireplace can be a perfect object for it. Besides warming your house interior, a fireplace is very easy to be decorated. You can put a mirror, art, or family photos above it. Other options are using a pair of wall sconces, candlesticks, clocks, or vases. Need more inspirations? Here are some mesmerizing fireplace decorating ideas for you.

11 Amazing Wooden House Designs

Having a better living quality and ensuring high energy savings are the advantages of a wooden house because it is built with natural materials. It is a more ecological and economic alternative for you who wants to have a unique house with no concrete or brick. Depends on the wood type, a wooden house can last longer than a usual house. If you need more ideas to build your own wooden house, here are some amazing wooden house inspirations for you.

11 Stunning Modern House Designs

Modern house design is all about abundant natural light, open spaces, simple structure, clean lines, and large glass windows, or glass walls. It is one of the most recommended house design which is perfect for both big or small house. A modern house also usually has an exterior made from stone, wood siding, and concrete. For more inspirations, take a look at these stunning modern house designs below.

9 Awesome Swimming Pool Designs

One of the best things that you need to have in your backyard is a swimming pool. A swimming pool can be your house oasis, an entertaining area, and even a place to escape from your busy activities. You can swim and enjoy the fresh air or just sit on the edge of the pool to have a better connection with the surrounding nature. If you need more inspirations, here are some awesome swimming pool designs for your house.

9 Amazing Reading Room Ideas

For book lovers, they need their own space to enjoy the reading activity. That’s why there is always a reading room in a house with a bookshelf or even a small library in a book lover house. A reading room should be comfortable with a reading chair, a table for a cup of tea, and also storage for the books. There are a lot of amazing reading room ideas that can inspire you, including these ideas below. One of them may perfect for you.