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Community School Anna Seghers: A New Building Full of Character with Varying Openings

Anna Seghers School participates in a nationwide pilot project for the development of community schools, so there is a need to have a new building for the classrooms of the elementary level. Community School Anna Seghers is a project designed by AFF Architekten with 1,555 sqm in size. The new building is full of character and supported by some varying openings.

Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain: An Accommodation and A Refuge for Food with Concrete Structures

Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain is a project of accommodation for four to six people and also used as a refuge for food in Germany. Completed by AFF Architekten with 8 sqm in size, the building has a concrete structure with ceilings and walls made from concrete. This hut is not only efficient but also economical and simple.