5 Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Ideas Inspired By Japanese House For An Avant-Garde Living

A Japanese design is always clean and minimalist. These are principles applied not only for its interior but also exterior. Thus, a Japanese design matches well with a modern design that is also characterized by minimalism and clean lines.

4 Most Common Issues in Home Renovation and How to Prevent Them

Home renovations are a great way to improve your living space and make your home more valuable. However, without proper planning and research, these projects can lead to costly mistakes, like the wrong choice of materials or designs, measurement errors, budgeting issues, and unexpected delays.

8 Reasons To Choose Steel Self-Storage Units

From commercial to residential properties, whether you are an owner of a business or simply a homeowner, you are probably struggling with storage spaces recently. This lack of storage space can make the space feel increasingly inorganized with days, which is why people require extra storage space. People are switching to steel storage units from homes to commercial properties to maximize space and enhance the safety of goods and equipment.

3 Interior Design Tips for Your Home Renovation Project

Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start when you embark on an interior design, or home renovation project. There is often a lot to think about and plan for, not to mention big decisions, budget planning, and timescales. Everyone wants things to go smoothly when beginning work on any major project, so here are 3 design tips for your home renovation project, in hopes that they will help aid you in the swift and successful completion of your journey.

Vivienda Texturas: A Textural Architecture with Natural Finishes

Roberto Benito Arquitecto has completed a 2020 residential project called Vivienda Texturas. It is a 370 m² house located in Argentina, designed as a cozy gathering place with family and friends. This house reflects a textural architecture while its natural finishes can create interesting expressiveness.

Casa CV: Exposed Concrete Framed with Rustic Wood in the Middle of Forest

Located in Guatemala, Casa CV is a 2008 residential project designed by Paz Arquitectura. This house sits in a wooded area with a mountainous topography. Exposed concrete framed with rustic wood is used as the main constructive element to respect the beautiful surrounding nature on the site.

7 Things You Need To Include When Renovating A Large Kitchen

Renovating a large kitchen can be an intimidating project. With so many elements to consider, it’s important to ensure that you don’t overlook any crucial details in the process. From choosing the right materials and fixtures to selecting appliances and deciding on the design of your space, there are numerous decisions that must be made when embarking on this type of renovation.