Are Termite Baiting Systems Effective for Termite Prevention?

Termites are a common pest that can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you are worried about termites, you may be finding the right method to prevent them. In fact, there are many ways to prevent termites. One of the most popular methods is using a termite baiting system. But, are these systems effective?

7 Useful Ways To Properly Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of your home—the place where the whole family gathers to spend some quality time together. Yet, over time, like everything, the tiles break, the cabinets lose their color and shine, and the kitchen becomes the most dreadful part of your home, making eating dinner there less delightful.

7 Key Elements of Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is unique from other types of design in that it’s important to the success of a business and its function. Residential interior design is about homes, but commercial interior design is a way to conceptualize business spaces like hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, multi-family properties, theaters, hospitals, and more.

7 Tile Ideas To Create An Illusion Of More Space

Have a small bathroom that you are looking to make bigger? Luckily for you, the ideas are aplenty. Lack of space, inappropriate lighting, and the wrong fixtures can make changing up a small bathroom space seem like a challenging task. The aesthetic part comes in later, but is also an important aspect of the designing space. Here are seven tile ideas that can make any tiny bathroom feel bigger than it actually is.

Pelham Manor: A Huge Retrofit and Renovation of A Mid-Century Home

As the only mid-century home in a New York City suburb, Pelham Manor is a huge retrofit and renovation project of a mid-century home by Specht Architects. Designed by Harold and Judith Edelman in 1961, the new homeowners choose this home because they were interested in the home’s history and the Edelmans’ legacy.