5 Good Things About Short-Span Bridges Made of Precast Concrete Box Culverts

In the construction industry, precast concrete box culverts have been a famously used component when building different structures. Precast concrete box culverts are durable and affordable construction materials that can be used in standard sizing and even customized to meet a specific project’s requirements.

Bed For Kids: Varieties, Firmness, and Other Considerations

A secure and comfortable bed with the right mattress supports the back and encourages appropriate posture. Choosing the perfect bed is vital to accommodate your kid’s sleep demands to develop properly. Doing your research before going to the market to get a bed for your children is essential.

Party Shack: A Modern Industrial Home Design with Curved Roofs

Party Shack is one of two houses set side by side and designed with the same exterior materials. This house is a residential project by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architect located in the park-like setting of a suburban Bellevue neighborhood in Seattle. The curved roofs are the main highlight of the houses.