16 Craft Room Furniture Ideas

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 9

One of the coolest hobbies is creating some crafts. Crafting is a fun thing. That’s why many people love to do this kind of activity. If you love to make all things with your own creativity, you need a craft room. This room will help you a lot to put your crafting stuff. A craft room has a similarity with an office because it needs a good storage for the stuff. You need some best craft room furniture too for organizing the stuff nicely. Here are 16 craft room furniture ideas that you need.


1. Craft Room Cabinet and Drawers

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

This kind of craft room furniture has a complete storage for you. It has some drawers too for your ribbon, yarn, and much more.


2. Craft Room with Sewing Table

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

A sewing activity surely needs a good furniture to help you create pretty crafts. Try to use this kind of sewing table with glass material on its surface.


3. Craft Furniture with Pegboard

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

Besides a big cabinet in your craft room, you can also use a pegboard to put some stuff that you use often whenever you make a craft.


4. Pink Craft Room Furniture

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

You can also choose a craft room furniture with a nice color like the pink color. The lovely color will make your room looks awesome.


5. Craft Room with Wooden Shelves

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using a big cabinet and drawers in your small craft room, you need to get some wooden shelves on the wall.


6. Craft Room with Rustic Table

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

The idea of this craft room is creating a simple classic and rustic style using a rustic table and green accent into the room.


7. Craft Room with Pegboard and Long Table

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

The combination of a pegboard with a long table in your craft room will make your craft stuff looks tidier and nice to be seen.


8. Old Hutch for Craft Room

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

Don’t throw away your old hutch. You can reuse it for your craft room to organize the craft stuff. It is less budget and a nice idea.


9. Desk and Wall Shelves for Craft Room

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

It is very recommended if you can have some shelves in your craft room as the storage. It will make your craft room looks simple and also bigger.


10. Crate Storage for Craft Room

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

Another good idea for your craft room is using some crates as the storage. You may need to paint the storage first before you put it in the room.


11. Fabric Storage with Ironing Station

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

You can combine your ironing station with some storage in one area with some boxes and some wall storage for the yarn.


12. Big Craft Room Drawers

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

The difference between craft room furniture and another furniture is based on the furniture size. You may need some big drawers for your craft stuff.


13. Double Craft Room Drawers

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

If you choose a drawer as your craft room main storage, just make sure it has a nice capacity that you need for crafting.


14. Wooden Craft Storage

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

The wooden look makes this craft storage looks unique. It is very simple for your craft room, especially when you don’t need a big storage.


15. Green and White Craft Room

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

The green and white accent in this craft room is so lovely. It comes from all things inside the room like furniture, craft stuff, and even the rug.


16. Printer Cart Furniture

Craft Room Furniture Ideas 16

Source: Pinterest

This printer cart in your craft room will not only help you to put your printer but also decorate your craft room with the green color.

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