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Hudson Bend House: A Forever Home with An Infinity Pool and Stunning Views

Located on a beautiful Lake Travis in Austin, Hudson Bend House is a unique home designed by LaRue Architects. It is a cliffside lakehouse owned by retired professionals and used as a weekend family retreat. With stunning views and an infinity pool, it is a perfect forever home for retiring.

Villa in Marbella: Transformation of A Typical White Box into A Unique Object

Located in Marbella, Spain, this 800 sq. m house was under construction when the customer bought it. Kerimov Architects reconstructs this house because the customer doesn’t like either its shape or color. The challenge of Villa in Marbella is to transform a typical white box into a unique object.

Imaise House: Requirement of “High Earthquake Resistance” and “Open Space”

With the need for “high earthquake resistance” and “open space”, Tatsuya Kawamoto + Associates designs Imaise House by making it a simple and clear configuration with a “gate- frame”. Located in Ichinomiya Aichi Japan, this project is completed in November 2020.

CGRV House: A High-Performance Facade and Integrated Exterior Blind Systems

Designed by Design and Architecture Studio (DAAS), CGRV House has a high-performance facade that works as an interactive and engaging canvas. Sits in an established neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta, integrated exterior blind systems are applied on this house envelope.

York St Residence: A Modern, Two-Storey Addition to An Existing Heritage Building

Completed in 2017 by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, York St Residence is a residential project of an existing heritage building. A modern, two-storey addition is introduced to this house, employing a refined and subtle palette of timber, steel, and brick.

Divided House: Two Primary Brick Building Forms with A Continuous Design

Life continues to change so it needs to change the house as well. Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Divided House is a modern house that is divided into two primary brick building forms. Completed in 2020, this house shows the value of collaborative and continuous design processes.

Five Shadows: A Compound of Buildings to Accommodate An Extensive Residential Program

Located in Teton Village, WY, this project is developed with a vision of five connected symmetrical agrarian forms. Completed by CLB Architects in 2019, Five Shadows consists of a compound of buildings to accommodate an extensive residential program.