Super Cool DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas to Personalize Your Space

Dorm rooms are usually boring. Unfortunately, that is where you will stay for a couple years. So it is better to put up some touches on your own space. Try this 11 cool DIY dorm room decor ideas to personalize your area.


Flower Backdrop


Via instagram/creativedorm

Lace up your favorite flowers or ornaments in a thread. And hang some threads of those as your backdrop. It is easy but your bed will look a lot cuter than before.


Initial Wreath


Via instagram/be_creativediy

It is nice to collect some dried branches and leaves to create a wreath. You can also add up some ribbon or dried flower on it. But most importantly, put your name initial in the middle of it. You can make one using wood board and laser cutting. One initial wreath for each bed will mark up which bed is yours and which is your roommate’s.


Garden Window


Via instagram/ikea_australia

Garden is nice but you can’t have one on your dorm. No worries, you can utilize your window to it. Arrange up some planters around it to make sure they get enough air and sunlight.


Shoes Ledge


Via instagram/poshlifesocial

Feeling proud of footwear fashion? Line them up on the wall as a display. It makes a cool decor while giving you ease to choose and pick which shoes to wear for today.


Hanging Books


Via instagram/ayok_kreatif

Love reading before bed? Keep your books on your reach by making small book rack. Do the trick like one in the picture to make it looks like your books are floating in the air.


Underbed Library


Via instagram/livesas

College may give you lots of books. So where should you keep them? Just arrange some crates underbed to make a storage. It looks compact and tidy.


Lights of Word


Via instagram/kasperalberico

A thread of tiny light bulbs is always a favorite as one of cool DIY dorm room decor ideas. You can twirl it on your bed frame, use as a backdrop. Or even to make a nice statement word.


Net Frame


Via instagram/creativeworldforyou

You need to hang some photos. Instead of just hang it loosely on the wall, make a framed net like this for such purpose. You can also hang some other little things like keys or flash disk.


Rain of Memories


Via instagram/notforthefaintcrafted

Another idea for photos and night lamp is by making an artistic installation like this cloud and rain decoration. Challenge your creativity to make other forms that emphasize more about yourself.


Lamp Tree


via instagram/beingasha

An installation of dried branch twirled up with the thread of bulbs can make a cute bed lamp. It looks like the lights were growing out of the tree.


Stationery Pouch


via instagram/detalesdepao

When it is about college, it is better to keep your stationeries on your reach. So try cutting out some pouches out of your old jeans. Sew them up into one and mount it close to your studying desk.


Vintage Lamp


via instagram/seuconsultorimobiliario

Need another cool DIY dorm room decor ideas for your lampshade? Just utilize anything that has small holes and builds them up around your bulb. Just like these old cassettes.

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