Awesome 11 DIY Projects for Apartment to Customize Your Own Space

Diy Apartment 05
Diy Apartment 05

Living in an apartment room, there are no many choices of furniture and decors we can buy. But no worries, as you can take inspirations from these 11 DIY projects for apartment and put some effort to neat up your unit.


1. Crate Cozy Style

Diy Apartment 01
DIY Projects for Apartments 1

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With such a limited space to move around, storage that works double as decoration might be a good idea. It is as simple as stacking crates sideways in random order.


2. Crate Elegant Style

Diy Apartment 02
DIY Projects for Apartments 2

via instagram/annasmith27xx

Want a more elegant and neat look? Simply arrange the crates more tidily. Paint it vintage and install some dim lights to make it look more artistic.


3. Wall Green Pots

Diy Apartment 03
DIY Projects for Apartments 3
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Living in an apartment does not mean you can’t have some plants to keep. Get them greens in small pots and hang them on the wall. This is one of the DIY projects for an apartment that you need to do for at least once!


4. Floor Up

Diy Apartment 04
DIY Projects for Apartments 4

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Your apartment unit feels so boring with a flat floor all over the area. So why don’t just make a level up in one side of the room? It is not difficult to make anyway. But make sure you use good quality of wood so it won’t fall off of you stomp on it.


5. Shoes A-Rack

Diy Apartment 05
DIY Projects for Apartments 5

via instagram/seasonsapartmentutah

Another idea of storage that doubles as decoration is this wooden shoe rack. Use your creativity to design such a unique rack.


6. Hanging Heels

Diy Apartment 06
DIY Projects for Apartments 6

via instagram/dontreadintoit

Feeling proud of your heels collection? Hang it high up on the wall as a decoration. This storage decor idea would need no more than five minutes to assembly!


7. Threads of Flowers

Diy Apartment 07
DIY Projects for Apartments 7

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Think your wall is too bland but can’t really paint is because the apartment is rented? You can try making this thread of paper flowers to make it more cheerful. Or use any other color and objects as you like it.


8. Framed Storages

Diy Apartment 08
DIY Projects for Apartments 8

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Sometimes, storages can be unpleasant to be seen. But since your apartment is small, you don’t have any other choice. So the best chance you can get is to decorate it with wallpaper and ornaments in theme so it looks more appealing for guests who come visiting.


9. Flower Wall Set

Diy Apartment 09
DIY Projects for Apartments 9

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Instead of buying overpriced wall decor, why not making one your own? This is one of DIY projects for apartments which could really save your money yet still make your rooms uniquely beautiful.


10. Easy Loft

Diy Apartment 10
DIY Projects for Apartments 10

via instagram/wendaaay

Need more space? Make a high loft bed so you have clear space to use underneath it. This woodworking project might take up your time and energy, but it is totally worth it!


11. Tree Branch Necklaces

Diy Apartment 11
DIY Projects for Apartments 11

via instagram/do_it_yourself_idea

Take some tree branches and threads. Hang it up on the wall and make a hanging display for your collection of accessories. It looks beautiful and tangle-free!

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