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By using a chic guest room decorating idea, you can make your guest feel at home. Besides completing your guest room with comfortable furniture, you can also use colors to create a decorative look or use various materials to design the interior.

Modern design is identic with clean lines, minimalism, a monochromatic color palette, and also natural materials. You can use this design for your family room and transform it into a comfortable room for all of your family members.

Designed by Design and Architecture Studio (DAAS), CGRV House has a high-performance facade that works as an interactive and engaging canvas. Sits in an established neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta, integrated exterior blind systems are applied on this house envelope.

In collaboration with M Square Lifestyle Design and M Square Lifestyle Necessities, Nico van der Meulen has been completed a modern residence for his family. Located in a leafy Johannesburg suburb, House Fern is a house and also a studio with five atriums incorporated into the design.