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15 Bright Storage Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

For such a small space as a bathroom, storage is one essential part to be included in your design. Storage also plays an important role in a spacious bathroom as well to keep things organized and neat. In case you look for the best ways to design a bathroom storage, either for a small space or bigger one, we will offer you 15 bathroom storage ideas you can steal right away!

Exquisite Bathroom Storage

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This bathroom uses linen cabinet to make an exquisite bathroom storage for towels and toilet papers.

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

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In case your bathroom cabinet looks like a disaster, you should try reorganizing everything to have that tidier look again. Take this inspiration as the example.

Storage for Tiny Bathroom

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Take advantage of every bathroom space you have by installing floating shelves over the toilet.

Over the Tub Shelves

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If the toilet is not an option, you can install the floating shelves over your tub.

Wire Basket Organizer

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Wire baskets will come in handy to store your bathroom essentials just like this simple storage idea has shown to you.

3-Tier Basket Storage

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This bathroom creates a 3-tier storage from market baskets. It is also helpful to create an industrial ambiance in the space.

Victorian Plant Stand

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If you like anything classic for your bathroom, you can use this vintage plant stand for the storage.

Unique Tray

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Find some trays that match the uniqueness of your bathroom interior and use it to organize your bathroom essentials.

A Space for Makeup

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If you like to do your makeup in the bathroom, it is only natural to make a shelf for your makeup stuff.

Farmhouse Air

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Create a farmhouse vibe in your bathroom by incorporating this farmhouse storage idea.

Crate Storage

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Build an organizer from old wooden crates like this in the bathroom for a more budget-friendly project.

Ladder Storage

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Construct a leaning ladder to use for the storage over the top of your toilet.

Rope Hanging Shelves

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This rope hanging shelves can help you organize your towels and other bathroom essentials.

Wine Rack Hack

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Give a new life to your old wine rack by using it in your bathroom as a towel holder.

DIY Wall Shelves

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The wall shelves above makes such a perfect contrast to the totally white walls in the bathroom.

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