16 Nice Closet Storage Ideas

When you have a lot of clothes in your home, you can’t forget to use a closet. But surely, you still need to organize your stuff again nicely in the closet. Some people think that they need a bigger closet storage for their stuff even though their old closet still have enough space for their stuff if they can use it properly. If you are one of them, then you need some great ideas for your closet storage based on your need. Check out these 16 closet storage ideas for the tidy home.


1. Closet Organization with Shoes Box

Closet Storage Ideas 16

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If you use your closet storage to keep your clothes and shoes, then you have to organize them well. It is better to hang some clothes then using some shoe boxes for the shoes.


2. Nursery Closet Idea

Closet Storage Ideas 15

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You may need more hangers to be used in your nursery closet. Try to add some drawers too for some simple nursery stuff. You can also decorate it with a pretty frame.


3. Nursery Closet Storage

Closet Storage Ideas 14

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Your nursery room needs a good closet too for all of your baby stuff. You can organize the stuff by dividing them nicely using a box or basket.


4. Pretty Nursery Closet

Closet Storage Ideas 13

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Sometimes, you don’t have to make your nursery closet becomes prettier. Your colorful kid’s clothes and awesome books are already making the closet looks pretty and beautiful.


5. Pretty Closet Storage

Closet Storage Ideas 12

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The grey color inside this closet may cause you can’t see your stuff clearly. Then what you have to do is making it prettier with the light string as a decoration and also small light.


6. Home Office Closet Storage

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It will be better if you can have a nice closet storage for your home office. You need to use some box, the file holders, and other office organizers to be used in the closet.


7. Modern Closet Storage

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This modern closet storage is kind of a small closet but it has a complete storage for all of your clothes. The key is located at the height of the closet which is giving you more spaces.


8. Closet Storage for Small Bedroom

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It is not a bad thing to have a small bedroom. You can still have a good closet in it using your bedroom wall as the closet. Make sure you also use your wall well and don’t waste any spot.


9. Small Closet without Remodeling

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You don’t have to makeover or remodeling your small closet. One thing that you only have to do is organizing your stuff nicely inside it using some hangers, shoe box, and so on.


10. Closet Storage Cube

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Perhaps it is one of the simplest ideas to use a closet storage. You just need to use storage cubes for your clothes, your necklace, bracelet, and so much more. You don’t have to create any new closet in your home.


11. Stylish Closet Storage

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This closet storage can be called as a stylish storage because of its capacity for all of your stuff in the small room. It has some big drawers too for your additional storage.


12. Master Closet Organization

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This closet has a great organization and storage design. It is completed with a lot of spaces for shoes and also an elegant space for the jewelry too.


13. Apartment Secret Storage

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Living in a small apartment means you need a more clever idea to put all of your stuff in a storage. You can try to make a secret storage using your closet door.


14. Closet and Dressing Room

Closet Storage Ideas 3

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A closet storage sometimes can be the best area to be the dressing room. You can makeover your closet by putting your dressing need like a mirror, makeup, and hats in the closet.


15. Bathroom Linen Closet

Closet Storage Ideas 2

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The idea of this bathroom linen closet is organizing the bathroom stuff nicely using a closet and its door. You can put the towels in the closet and use the closet door for your bathing stuff.


16. Organized Linen Closet

Closet Storage Ideas 1

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Your linen stuff should be organized separates with another stuff. Get some baskets and give a name tag for each none of them. It will make it looks tidy.

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