10 Top Asian Room Decoration Ideas

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 10

Asian has a lot of interesting design, including for the room interior design and decor. The characteristic of Asian home usually is full of unique pattern with natural things inside the room. China and Japan are two countries with the most interesting home decoration. Those decorations also have their own rules to decor a home, just like a Feng Shui from China. People believe that their home can be a good living space with those rules. If you want to try to decor your home with Asian style, take look at these 10 Asian room decoration first.


1. Asian Dining Room Decor

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

This traditional dining room comes from Japan. The Asian decoration comes from the design of its table, wall arts, and also the lighting.


2. Natural Asian Living Room

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 2

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An Asian room is identical with some natural things such as plants, stone, and wooden furniture. Sometimes it also has a symbol of recent religion.


3. Asian Oriental Red Room

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 3

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Asian, especially Chinese is identical with red color. This color can be one of the best colors to decor any room with an Asian accent.


4. Asian Bedroom Decor

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The dragon pattern on the pillow with the small plant on the table is already showing you the Asian decoration. This bedroom also has a beautiful light.


5. Asian Natural Entryway

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 5

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You can try to decor your entryway with Asian decoration. You just need to use this entryway idea. It looks simple and also natural.


6. Asian Tatami Room

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

Using a tatami is one of the easiest ways to make a cool room with an Asian accent. The tatami can also make your room feels warmer.


7. Asian Bamboo near Stairs

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

Some of the Asian decoration especially Chinese use bamboo to decor their home. If you use this, you can also make your stair looks awesome.


8. Asian Room Interior Decor

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

The candles and the green bamboos look awesome being together at the same spot. It will be your natural Asian room interior decor.


9. Chich Chinese Room Decor

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

As you can see, the pattern on the lamp, vases, and pillows are an identity of Asian decoration. They are Chinese decoration.


10. Lunar Year Room Decoration

Asian Room Decoration Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

You can also celebrate a Lunar New Year by decorating your home with an Asian accent. This kind of new year comes from Chinese so make sure you use red colors and beautiful Chinese vases.

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