16 Awesome Pool Furniture Ideas

Pool Furniture Ideas 16

A pool will not comfortable at all if you don’t have any furniture around it. Pool furniture is used to give you comfortable feeling after you swim or just sitting around seeing beautiful around your home. You can use a kind of outdoor furniture for your pool and some storage to put your pool stuff like a towel storage. Make sure you choose the best pool furniture so you don’t have to change it in a short time. Check out these 16 pool furniture ideas. Perhaps one of them is perfect for your pool.


1. Pool Furniture with Fire Pit

Pool Furniture Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

You can use the area near your pool as an outdoor dining area if you put some dining furniture. Don’t forget about the fire pit.


2. Big Pool Sofa

Pool Furniture Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

When you have a lot of area near your pool, it is your good chance to use a big pool furniture like sofa and a lot of chairs.


3. Pool Towel Storage

Pool Furniture Ideas 3

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It will be more comfortable if you can have a towel storage near the pool, so you can take and put it easily.


4. Natural Blue Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

The blue color of the pool furniture is as perfect as the blue pool water and the sky. You can add some string lights to make your pool looks romantic.


5. Long Bench Pool

Pool Furniture Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

This pool style has a Moroccan style. You can see it from the patterned tiles. It will be perfect to use a long bench near the pool for the sitting area.


6. Simple White Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

This kind of furniture is an outdoor furniture so you can use it to be used near the pool. The advantage of using an outdoor furniture is about its string durability.


7. Fresh Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

If you choose blue color for the pool furniture, your pool will be fresher because it has the same color with the pool water.


8. Simple Pool Furniture with Plants

Pool Furniture Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

Don’t forget to bring some plants to your pool area. It will make your furniture looks natural and comfortable to be used.


9. Modern Pool Furniture with Fireplace

Pool Furniture Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to build a big fireplace near your pool. Today, you can have a modern fireplace that you can put near your pool and furniture.


10. Coastal Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

It is easy to bring a coastal style to your pool. You just need to get some wooden pool furniture and decorate them with coastal accent like rug and pillow.


11. Rustic Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

The rustic furniture for your pool is adding not only interesting style but also unique design for your pool. It looks different from another furniture.


12. White Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

White color surely is more suitable for outdoor purpose than another color. It is same for your pool furniture too. You may need some white furniture to make your pool looks awesome.


13. Pretty Kitchen Pool

Pool Furniture Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

It must be great if you can have a pretty kitchen near your pool. You just need to complete the kitchen with some pool furniture.


14. Pool Furniture with Indoor Decorating

Pool Furniture Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

You can bring your indoor idea to your pool using pool furniture. As long as the idea is making your more comfortable, then it is good.


15. Pool Furniture with Fire Pit

Pool Furniture Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

The fire pit is not only making your pool looks awesome but also creating a warm area when you want to enjoy the view near the pool.


16. Small Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture Ideas 16

Source: Pinterest

It is better to choose small pool furniture when you have a small pool too. Your pool will be cute and also nice to be designed.

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