Cool and Trendy DIY Lighting Ideas for Teen’s Bedroom


Teenager’s room needs to be unique and awesome. That rule applies to almost every detail in their room, including the lighting. In fact, teens love to stay awake at night so a cool set of lighting might really please them. Here are some samples of DIY lighting ideas for teens to try out.


Flexi Piping Lamp


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Find two or three metal pipes with the different diameter. Don’t forget the bolts and any other detail accessories. Make a standing lamp with adjustable height so you can put it either on desk or floor as how you need it.


Fan Lamp


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The industrial style suits well with teenage boy’s room. Get any old appliance you can find and upcycle it to make a unique lamp base.


Blackboard Lamp


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Take a piece of a blackboard and make holes on it with a word or simple picture you like. Install a lamp behind it and frame it all nicely. For a dorm room, you can write your name on it and hang the lamp over your bed to mark your territory.


Photo Display


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Tiny lights and photos make a perfect combination for a bed-side wall in a teenage girl’s room. It represents how beautiful the memories the picture portrays.


Chain Lamp


via instagram/ironwoodforgeindiana

Use a strong thick chain as a stand for your desk lamp. Use a metal stick to make it stand firmly. But make sure to make it hidden so it looks like the chain is standing strong by itself.


Marbles Light


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Filling up a jar or glass bottle with tiny lamps is too common. But you can take it to another level by adding up some colored marbles inside it. It will create a better looking lamp with shimmering effect.


Lantern Jar


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Fill up a jar with strings of tiny lights. Close the lid and hang it up like a lantern. Instead of hanging it on the wall, you can also put it on the end table as a sleeping lamp. This lantern jar is such a perfect decoration for girl’s room.


Stormy Cloud


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Make a shell using wires and cover it with cotton balls. Put a light bulb in it to make a cloud lamp. For a stormy cloud, add up some strings of tiny light bulbs.


Papercut Lamp


via instagram/cayrinnae

Make a picture model with laser cutting to make a dreamy lamp shade. Make it with multiple layers to create a more dramatic 3D effect. To make the model, you can either hand-draw it or use computerized graphics.


Coconut Disco Lamp


via instagram/fatmasariheni21

Why buying a pricey disco lamp if you can make one your own? Use a coconut shell and make holes on it using a drill. Layer it with colored transparent paper to get the special effect.


Hat Lamp


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Make your lamp as fashionable as you are by utilizing your hat as the lamp shade. You can also decorate the hat with ribbons and flowers to suit your style.


Motorcycle Parts Lamp


via instagram/ilikethatlamp

Collect some small parts of your old motorcycle. Challenge your creativity to make an arrangement of a desk lamp. This kind of lamp can be made of any parts of any machine you like. These DIY lighting ideas for teen is perfect to keep your broken favorite things

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