12 Inspirations of Easy DIY Furniture Hacks for Your Home Interior

Doing your home interior requires some senses of creativity and budget. If you want to cut short on the budget, then you would need to be even more creative in finding easy DIY furniture hacks. These 11 examples below might be your inspiration.


Upcycled Planter


via instagram/filosofia_lanaefilati

Basically, almost any kind of furniture or appliance can be upcycled to be a planter. It gives out a vintage vibe to your garden.

Drum Lamp


via instagram/sean_too

Industrial style is now a trend in interior design and architecture. Not only it is cheap, this easy DIY furniture hack also works effectively in creating a cool and strong atmosphere in your home.

Themed Seatings


via instagram/handymanmagazine

Make your outdoor setting unique by setting a theme. Utilize a regular plain seating set and spice it up with a little bit of painting job. Make a unique pattern like these citrus stool for a tropical garden.

Wooden Log Bed Frame


via instagram/homestylemaguk

You can make your own bed frame with anything. Even just some pieces of wooden board like this. It is such a perfect hack for nature-themed bed room interior.

Crib Studying Desk


via instagram/whip_organizing

Your toddler outgrew his baby crib and is now his time to start studying. Let his crib grow along with him by transforming it into a studying desk. It has the perfect height so you would only need to buy a kiddie chair to match it.

Crates Rack


via instagram/i.heart.design

A slim tall rack is perfect to decorate your home corner. Best choice of DIY for this is the crates rack. It is cheap, easy, and aesthetic. Match it up with decorative lamp to emphasize it.

Gratter Lamp


via instagram/the_wisdom_of_a_pearl

Need a gloomy decorative lamp? Just use any small things with holes to make a lamp shade. It can be a gratter lamp like this, strainer cup, or any other thing you can find. It is nice for either indoor or outdoor decorative light.

Drawer Climber


via instagram/mypropertyph

The higher a drawer cupboard can be, the more storage you can have. To help you reach the upper drawer, you can make the lowest drawers stronger so it could support your body weight. Give them top cover so you can step up on it.

Decoupaged Furniture


via instagram/muckandbrass

Decoupage art on furniture is great to show uniquenes and character as you can use any pictures you like. But make sure to do it neatly so it gives out a smooth result.

Side Extra Storage


via instagram/furniturehacks

When you drawer desk is not enough to keep your things, you can utilize its side. Put up some hooks, hangers, or rack so you can put more things on it. It is better than buying another more drawer desk.

Under Stair Bar


via instagram/furniturehacks

Optimize your home space by utilizing even the smaller area like under stairs. You can transform it into a cozy mini bar like this. Use your creativity to make any other cozy space you dream of.

Tree Branch Hanger


via instagram/lifehack_diy_furniture

A clothes hanger may look awkward. And the best DIY furniture hack to solve the problem is by making it look like a home decor. You can try making this hanger using tree branches. But make sure you get the strong branches so it does not break when you hang a heavy leather jacket on it.

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