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16 Decorating Ideas to Make A Cheerful and Fun Classroom

It would be great to have a classroom that can brighten up your students’ day every time they come to school. Such classroom usually induces students’ will of learning and gives off positive vibe during the learning process. That being the case, you should start decorating your classroom in an incredible way to brighten up the students’ school life as well as make all the onlookers in awe with the décor. For your preferences, we have prepared the following 16 awesome ideas to decorate your classroom.

Brings in the Nature

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Decorate your classroom wall with colorful paper and form a shape of tree, rainbow, grasses, flowers, even the birds.

Inspiring Quote

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Welcome your students with an inspiring quote written on your classroom’s front door. The quote will surely give them the encouragement to do good deeds.

Colorful Mini Library

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Set up a mini eye-catching library in your classroom and organize the books on colorful plastic baskets. Give a label for each basket to let them know every type of books available there. This idea will encourage your students to read more books.

Revamp Your Desk

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Give your desk a makeover with magnetic letters over the magnetic accents installed on the front part of your desk.

Student Work Display

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Use laminating construction paper in varying colors to dress up the classroom’s wall. Now displaying students’ work will be more fun with this décor.

Magnetic Pen Holders

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Turn your old cans into magnetic pen holders for the classroom. It is a simple and cheap idea for fun spaces, caddies, and stations.

You are Here for a Reason

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Want to inspire your students to give their best? Motivate them with encouraging words and make them believe they are here with you for a reason. This decorating idea with bulletin board will be your starting point.

Extraordinary Bulletin Board

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Jazz up your classroom bulletin board with colorful border trim. Include other decorative items, such as stickers and notepad.

Crate Bench with Storage

Source: PinterestMake stools with old milk crates. Repaint the crates to fresh them up and add cushions on the top. You can use the stool as a storage when you open the cushions.

3D Decoration

Source: Pinterest

Make a creative classroom with the 3D display. This classroom, for example, uses 3D clouds and confetti to create faux rain inside the room.

Filing Cabinets with Wrapping Papers

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Gather wrapping paper in different colors and pattern to cover the front part of your plain filing cabinet.

Voice Level Chart

Source: Pinterest

This voice level chart plays as a decorative item in your classroom as well as helps you control your students’ chattering during the class.

Hanging Books

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With command hook and some strings, you can have hanging books to decorate your classroom.

Table Skirt

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Table skirt can be used to hide clutter in your classroom. By collecting fabrics in varying colors and pattern, you can make one without getting them sewed like the picture above.

Tassel Garland

Source: Pinterest

You can make tassel garland out of tissue papers or with different colors. Use the tassel garland to pop of some colors on your classroom wall.

Classroom Posters

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Put some posters on your classroom wall. Not just any posters, but the ones made by the students. Let them be a part of your decorating project too.

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