Recycle Old Drawer Furniture Project Ideas for A Vintage Home Decor

Old types of furniture will never die. There are many ways to bring them back to life. Old drawers, for example, can be turned into something else new and useful. So if you have some in your house, try checking out these 11 recycle old drawer furniture project ideas.


Mug Rack


via instagram/chriskbdphoto

Make your morning coffee easier by hanging your mug in an open wall rack like this. It is also a good idea if you have a small kitchen with limited storage.


Handmade Collage Painting


via instagram/scissor_mr

If you have crafty hand and imaginative mind, you can have the old drawer for your next artistic project. Make a collage painting with colored cartons, buttons, ribbons, and any other sweet ornaments.


Dog Bed


via instagram/trail_of_glitter31

With a little bit of effort and one buggy cushion, your furry companion can have a new cozy bed. With this recycle old drawer furniture project idea, you can save some money from an expensive dog bed at the shop.


Stuffed Animal Box


via instagram/rotemcarmi1

Do not let your children’s stuffed animals scattered all over the floor. Use a big old drawer to keep them all tidy. But do not forget to repaint it and maybe a little decoupage job to make it cuter.


Vintage Planter


via instagram/rediuxinteriors

An old drawer can also be a nice element for your garden. You can make a single planter using a single dresser, or stack some to make a more dynamic planter. It is good to be put on your garden table too.


Wall Decor


via instagram/rotemcarmi1

Apply a decoupage art on the dresser base, and arrange some drawers side-to-side. Hang it horizontally on the wall and put some decorative things on it. Make sure this installation has a specific theme to emphasize its artistic value.


Necklace Storage


via instagram/41findsthriftshop

Do not hide your collection of pretty jewelry inside a dresser drawer. Instead, take out the drawer and mount it proudly onto the wall. It looks nicer and it is easier for you to pick the perfect accessories for today.


Ribbon Roll


via instagram/thelittlekraftshed

Love crafting but feel frustrated because your ribbons got loose? Save your safe from such problem by making this clutter-free ribbon storage. All you need to do is just installing some sticks.


Pallet of Words


via instagram/patmandesign

Even a broken old drawer can still be recycled into something new. Like this decorative pallet to hang on the wall.


Decorative Table


via instagram/tinalunique

Combine your old drawer with your old table. Now you have a brand new table with storage on top of it. Put some decorative ornaments such as flower vase or framed photos. This decorative table is perfect to liven up a corner of your house.


Another Drawer Table


via instagram/bedandbrasserie

This one might be the most difficult recycle old drawer furniture project idea because you will require seriously plenty of drawers in many sizes and colors. But once you finish it, it all will pay off.

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