Genius DIY Under the Bed Storage for Compact and Efficient Room

Storage can take up spaces and it might be a problem if you have a small room. One solution to solve this issue is by using up the empty spaces under your bed. Check out these 11 genius under the bed storage ideas. You might find one that suits your bedroom.


Basket Rack


via instagram/proorganizerboutique

If you have various things to keep, you need to separate them based on their kinds. Make open slots under your bed and put a basket on each slot. To make sure your things are well-organized, make sure that each basket has its own category.


Secret Cupboard


via instagram/omer_charest

It seems like a normal bed. But if you open it up, you can find a complete cupboard. There is also space for you to sit comfortably while you are choosing your today outfit.


Full Drawer


via instagram/hivecottage

Secret cupboard might be too complicated to make and to use. The easier option for this is to make drawers as wide as your bed. So many spaces to keep your wardrobe without being troublesome whatsoever.


Secret Box


via instagram/karachista

Another idea of secret under bed storage is just make it a big empty box. It may look too regular. But it is very useful because you literally can hide anything inside of it.


Match the Bed


via instagram/villagekidssa

Make some boxes as storages and put them under your bed. It is easy and tidy. If you need them to look nice, match the design with your room interior, or at least your bed sheet.


Thin Slider


via instagram/

Even if your bed is low, you can still store something underneath it. But thin storage like this might be difficult to pull out. That is why you need to put tiny wheels on it so you can just slide in and out easily.


Kids Car Race


via instagram/harryc_model

Avoid the mess on your kid’s room by keeping their toys on an under bed storage. To make it more interesting to them, provide a little extra something on it. Like this blackboard of car race track.


Mini Library


via instagram/nata_ursu

If your kid’s bed is a rather high, the under the bed could be really useful. You can keep your kids’ favorite books and stuffed animals on it. Add up a cozy rug and some lighting to make it a secret reading nook for them.


Effortless Shipping Pallet


via instagram/haylee_paige21

Too lazy to make a bed frame with a storage underneath it? Just get some wooden shipping pallet and arrange them. They automatically make spaces for storages.


Suspension Bed


via instagram/lilibellule77

This suspension bed is a really genius DIY under the bed storage idea. You don’t need to squat down to get your things.

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