Make Your Room Looks Prettier with These 11 Awesome DIY Decor Ideas for Girls


DIY decorations could really show a girl’s unique personality. To make your room feels more like you, why don’t you take these 11 awesome DIY decor ideas for girls? Maybe you can find something to make your room fabulous.


Pearl and Glitter Pallet


Via instagram/sanandsans

Pearls and glitters are two things that girl loves. So why don’t you just combine it to make anything you love? For a simple example is this tiara pallet to hang on your bedroom wall.


Tiny Lights Line


Via instagram/interior4inspo

Twinkle twinkle little stars are very nice to have. And you can have this with a string of tiny light bulbs. Arrange it on your bedroom, across the wall, or twirl it on your bed canopy. It gives a cute girly ambiance to the room.


Character Sleeping Lamp


Via instagram/pipe.pipon

Forget the regular-formed sleeping lamp on your end table. Make your own with the shapes and colors of your choice. Use a laser cutting technology to make the base, drill some holes on it and install tiny light bulbs there.


Standing Initial


Via instagram/framed_with_love

Use laser cutting to make any other DIY decoration. Like this standing letter, for example. Decorate it with paints, buttons, flowers, or any ornaments of your liking.


Open Fashion


Via instagram/missnmasteronline

Feeling proud of that fashion collection you have? Make a display of it to be your functional room decor. This DIY clothes rack is easy to make.


  1. Wall Tree


Via instagram/sydjennings1

A picture of a tree may bring calmness feel into your room. But it will look thousand times better if you put some 3D ornaments on it. Like leaves, flowers, and pictures. It is where you can hang your dreams and memories.


Tee Hoops


Via instagram/cloverandviolet

Having some unused embroidery hoops? Combine it with your old tee or pieces of blanket. Now you have a cute pallet to hang to the wall.


Modern Fireflies


Via instagram/tumble_inspiration

Keeping fireflies in a jar in a modern way like this seems to be a great idea. You can use this jar as your sleeping lamp or hang some of them as lighting decoration.


Flying Butterfly


Via instagram/itscatchy_official

Wallpaper is so yesterday. Now is the time for 3D wallpaper. You can manually print and cut them in papers of colors, or you can use a laser cutting machine to get it done quicker.


Makeup Frame


Via instagram/glamgoalsariel

Instead of leaving them all cluttered in your drawer, you can make a frame display of your makeup collection. Use a magnetic board as the frame base. Apply a magnetic sticker on each of your makeup to get it stuck on the board frame.


Patchwork Gallery


Via instagram/itscatchy_official

If you love sewing, you better not to throw away your scrap cloths. Make some patchwork arts and display it. See how creative you can be with those leftover materials.

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