18 Creative DIY Home Decor Using Cans

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 8

When you have a lot of old cans, don’t throw them away. You still can change them into something useful for your home. Cans can be such as cool mini storage for your desk or a plant pot. If you need a simple decoration for home interior, you can also use cans. This kind of DIY idea is the best way for every one of you who need to decor their home with less budget. It is not difficult to make decoration from cans, you can use other stuff too to make it looks cool. Check out these 18 DIY home decor using cans to help you make a decorative home.


1. Can Towel Storage and Decor

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 1

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You can use cans to put your bathroom towel nicely. First, make sure you already transform the cans use pretty fabric or colorful painting.


2. Recycled Painted Soup Cans

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 2

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When you repaint your soup cans, you can use it as useful storage and also pretty decoration. You can keep your makeup brushes or pencils tidier.


3. DIY Can Planters and Chalkboard Tags

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 3

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The best thing of cans is you can reuse it as planters. Adding a name tag for each can using chalkboard will make it perfect as a planter.


4. Tape Tin Can Vases

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 4

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Using pretty tape, you can create new flower vase with cans. Try to use different pattern and color tape for decorative vase look.


5. Can Herb Garden

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 5

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You don’t nee any new pot for your garden herb. Use some old cans then add a name tag for every herb. It is perfect decoration too for your window.

6. Can Lanterns with Handles

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 6

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It is easy to make a simple lighting to decor your home using cans. Make some small holes around the cans surface then using a rope as the handle.


7. Soda Cans Lighting

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 7

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Reuse soda cans as home lighting is an awesome DIY idea. You can reduce your home garbage and get a nice lighting decoration.


8. DIY Can Outdoor Lights

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 8

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Make a lighting using can is not only perfect inside your home. You can also use it to make your home outdoor area looks beautiful at night.


9. DIY Tin Can Pumpkins

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 9

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Do you need fall decoration? Try this DIY tin can pumpkins. Using a tin can then paint it with pumpkins color will make your home centerpiece looks cute.


10. Christmas Recycled Soda Cans

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 10

Source: pinterest

Try to make your own Christmas decoration with cans. Just by adding some Christmas accessories on the cans, you already have a beautiful decoration for Christmas.


11. Aluminum Can Butterflies

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 11

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If you need to get a small home decoration for home, you can create a cute pattern by cutting off the cans. For example making a can butterfly then coloring it nicely.


12. DIY Can Garden Container Idea

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 12

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Cans are a perfect stuff for your garden. You can use it as a garden container as a planter. Make sure you paint it first to make it looks beautiful.


13. Fabric-Wrapped Tin Cans

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 13

Source: pinterest

Cans are always cool to be designed with fabric. You can make your own fabric-wrapped tin cans for your flowers, pencils, and much more.


14. DIY Tin Can Pencil Holder

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 14

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Messy desk? Not anymore. You can make some old tin cans as pencil storage on your desk by adding S hooks to hang them on.


15. DIY Can Bird Feeder

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 15

Source: pinterest

Using colorful duct tape and cans, you can make a unique bird feeder. This is the best DIY home decor when spring comes to your home.


16. DIY Can Votive Candles with Letters

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 16

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Try to make letter design when you create some holes on the cans surface. It will make your candle can looks more decorative.


17. DIY Cans Spray Painted

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 17

Source: pinterest

Using metallic spray paint, you can make your own good option to decorate some tables in your home.


18. DIY Can Garden Planters

Diy Home Decor Using Cans 18

Source: pinterest

The difference between using cans as a garden planter and usual pot is your garden will look more interesting to see. Good decorative for all of the garden types.

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