13 Ideas of DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for Outdoor


Used woods sometimes still have a good quality of firmness and durability. It is such a shame to just throw them away like a garbage while you actually make outdoor furniture and decors using reclaimed woods. For your inspiration, these are 13 ideas of DIY reclaimed wood projects for outdoor.


Lamp Holder


Via instagram/caters85

Forget the fancy outdoor wall lamp you see at the mall. You can make a nice one with this simple DIY reclaimed wood project for outdoor. Cut a piece of wood and then drill it to make rooms for the lamp cable. Done.


Candle Holders


Via instagram/maybrit70

An even simpler idea? Make it as a candle holder. You can use it for aromatherapy candle while doing your yoga at the backyard.


Garage Doors


Via instagram/danabensonconstruction

Garage doors are mostly boring. But what if you can make something with more character? It takes time to put all the wooden pieces together. But the result is actually worth it.


Garden Mini Door


Via instagram/grumpyoldfarrier

A tiny door is a nice ornament to make a beautiful green garden. Make it simple and natural to add up a vintage ambiance to your home yard.




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