How to Cover Your Outdoor Space On Any Budget

Besides being the most expensive investment, your home is a haven and a source of comfort. You should continually upgrade various components and ensure that every available space is well utilized. While household appliances and necessary fixtures like HVAC systems and window treatment can improve indoor comfort, you should also work on your outdoor space.

Outdoor spaces are not only a source of comfort but also provide entertainment options and increase property value. Modernizing the outdoor space is only beneficial if you choose the right structures and hire the right personnel. Below are a few installations for covering your outdoor space on any budget.

1. Build a Free-standing Pavilion

A free-standing pavilion is a slightly affordable installation that can cover your outdoor space. Pavilions are popular outdoor space installations because they provide ample relaxation space. Covered pavilions also provide excellent sun and rain protection, allowing homeowners to install electronics and other appliances.

Pavilions have generally been constructed some distance away from the main house. Doing pavilion construction yourself may present a challenge, especially running gas, water, and electricity lines. You should consider hiring a professional pavilion builder. Professionals can also help design pavilions that fit your yard without making the outdoor space appear crowded.

2. Be Creative with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits are another great addition to outdoor spaces for various reasons. It is an excellent installation for homeowners who like spending their free time outdoors with friends and family. Fire pits create a cozy outdoor ambiance, extend your living area, and light up summer nights excellently. Below are a few benefits of outdoor fire pits:

  • Warm and comfort – Providing warmth and comfort are probably the primary purpose of fire pits. Outdoor fireplaces extend the functionality of your outdoor space, especially if you live in cold areas.
  • Increases property value – Outdoor fireplaces also significantly increase your property’s resale value. The beauty of the fireplace attracts potential homebuyers who wouldn’t mind paying more for your home.
  • Great for entertaining – Gathering with friends and family around the fireplace is a recipe for great conversations. You can also entertain personal guests, share jokes, and recount stories.

Remember to create a sitting area around the fireplace to maximize its potential. If you’d like to take your cooking outdoors, you can upgrade your fire pit into a fully-functional outdoor kitchen. Building a kitchen island offers additional cooking space. You can also install outdoor refrigerators, kitchen storage, and cooking accessories for outdoor cooking and barbecues.

3. Add a Water Feature

There’s no better feeling than spending time outdoors beside a water feature. Depending on your budget and the size of your backyard space, you should choose between a jacuzzi, pool, and fountain. The sound of flowing water in your backyard creates a relaxing, spa-like environment.

4. Make Use of Outdoor Planters

Plants are certainly one of the best ways of creating a modern outdoor environment. However, instead of growing them plainly in your backyard, consider pairing them with planters. Planters make it easy to incorporate endless plant types in your home and create an appealing backyard.

Apart from plant types, you can choose from various types of planters. Most people only know of ceramic-made planters. While they are common, you can diversify by choosing glass, metal, wood, and stone planters for aesthetics. Ensure that the material texture complements your property theme and you can maintain the material made of your planters.

5. Use Natural Fencing

Most homeowners use stone, wood, and metal fencing materials for a soft, authentic feel. However, you can improve the appearance of your outdoor space by being creative with fencing that frames outdoor parts. Wood screens, bamboo, partitions, pergolas, and latticework are excellent options for framing outdoor rooms. These natural fencing options can create gentle perimeter walls and shade on sunny days. Besides transforming your outdoors, using these fencing options also creates unmatched privacy.

6. Extend Your House Roofing

Extending the roof of your house is a perfect option if your home has a small backyard. While it is costly, it allows for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. You can also easily extend the necessary utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas. However, you should seek permits and check building codes. It also involves a slight deconstruction of your property, such as removing soffits, shingles, and siding.


Creating a modern outdoor space is beneficial in many ways. Besides providing a relaxing area, it improves the appearance of your backyard and property value. If you are looking for easy and budget-friendly ideas, you should consider the options mentioned above.

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