How to Find a Good Kitchen Renovator in Melbourne?

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Australians love remodeling their kitchens. According to statistics, many homeowners spent around 40,000 AUD renovating their kitchens. Remodeling is famous in Melbourne, too, with 71% of people opting for it.

Data also shows the renovation value increased by 5.6% in 2020, as per the latest reports. Redesigning the kitchen is more complicated than you think. From the layout to the choice of materials, you must consider every detail carefully.

Choosing the right renovation company like United Stone Melbourne is also crucial. It should do the job efficiently using suitable materials like stone and granite, which work best for overlays, splashbacks, and benchtops.

If you need to remodel your kitchen and are looking for a renovating company in Melbourne, these are some things you should consider. Doing so will ensure you receive the best results and are satisfied with the new appearance.

Which solutions do they provide?

Ask the company which kitchen solutions they provide. Overlays, splashbacks, appliances, doors and panels changeovers, resurfacing, and replacing sink pipes are some solutions any good company usually provides.

Each of these plays an equal role in beautifying your kitchen, increasing your home’s value, and directly impacting its saleability. Most real estate experts in Melbourne advise people to refurbish their kitchens before selling them.

What materials do they use?

It is vital to know the materials the company uses for the makeover. Stones like granite are ideally suited for overlays, benchtops, and overlays. Although they are more expensive than laminates or other options, they have plenty of advantages.

For example, granite overlays give your kitchen a clean, fresh, and stylish look. Professionals can easily place it over the existing bench tops. Besides, it is resistant to heat, chips, scratches, and stains and does not incur damage from the sunlight.

It would help if you asked them about the cost of granite overlays to avoid confusion later. The entire process usually costs between 700 AUD to 2,000 AUD per square meter in Melbourne.

However, the exact cost depends on the areas covered, labor charges, and total time involved in the project completion.

Do they provide stone splashbacks?

A splashback is a material usually placed behind the benchtop, sink or cooktop. It protects the wall from moisture, grease, oil and other substances that build up while cooking.

Some companies install “engineered stone kitchen splashbacks” for benchtops with a warranty of at least 15 years.

It is better to find a company specializing in engineered quartz stones because it has many benefits, including durability, stain resistance, multiple color options, easy maintenance, and resistance to staining, scratch, acid, and UV.

Interestingly, quartz is one of the most preferred splashback materials by homeowners in Melbourne and Victoria. Although a bit expensive, they lend a luxurious look to the house.

How much time do they take?

You should ask the renovators how long it would take to complete a renovation. Some complete it within a day, as opposed to others who take between six to eight weeks.

You should also inquire if they hire tradespersons like plumbers, tilers, handypersons, and tilers required for the job. They should perform the renovation carefully, without causing damage to the splashback or any other area in the kitchen.

You should hire renovators like United Stone Melbourne who can give your kitchen the kind of look you want. However, it is essential to do the proper research and ask questions like those above to find the right company.

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